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Job title:   NFMS field coordinator

Duration:  8 months from starting date (1 May 2021-31 December 2021)

Duty station:  Paramaribo (Office of the SBB)


General description


Suriname is preparing its participation in the United Nations forests & climate mechanism REDD+. This mechanism allows countries to get financial support to reduce the GHG-emissions caused by deforestation and forest degradation, and to sustainably manage its forests, enhance its forest carbon stocks and to promote forest conservation. The mechanism can be used as a tool to sustainably develop the country and provide alternative business models. This will be done in an inclusive and participatory manner, strengthening the national institutional capacities.


Role of SBB in REDD+


Within the implementation of the REDD+ Readiness Proposal and PRODOC, SBB is as an implementation partner responsible to establish the Forest Reference (Emissions) Level (FREL/FRL) and to develop a National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS), following UNFCCC decisions and the IPCC guidelines. While the NFMS has to provide information on the REDD+ performance of Suriname, it will be dynamic and designed to provide information for multiple purposes, as required by the national government to support sustainable forest management and the formulation and implementation of national policies, or as required by other stakeholders. The information will be transparent, easily accessible and provide an insight on the actual state of Suriname’s precious forest resource.


The NFMS field coordinator will, in close collaboration with the other experts of the NFMS team, contribute to the implementation of the “NFMS roadmap: Status and plans for Suriname’s National Forest Monitoring System”. By establishing the NFMS towards the end of the REDD+ readiness phase, the country will have the in-house capacity to measure the results achieved through the implementation of the National REDD+ strategy.


Specifically the NFMS field coordinator will be mainly responsible to support the implementation of SFISS within the forest management Department. Additionally, the expert will support the collection of field data on emission factors and forest carbon stocks and to ground truth the data collected through the Satellite Land Monitoring System (SLMS). He/she will work in close collaboration with the Forest Management Department of the SBB and other partner organisations that will support the composition of field teams with field staff. He/she will also contribute to the development of the multipurpose National Forest Inventory, participatory monitoring initiatives and integration of indicators to measure emission reduction through the operational monitoring procedures.


Tasks for the NFMS field coordinator


Support SBB’s contribution to REDD+ in terms of reliable data, in line with the national and international requirements (UNFCCC decisions, IPCC guidance, etc.) and responsibilities formulated in nationally adopted documents (R-PP, PRODOC):


  1. Coordinate and implement the field campaign related to the collection of up-to-date data of emission factors due to logging. Support the data processing and produce a report on the emission factors in collaboration with technical partners.
  2. Support the development of indicators and field protocols to be included within SBB’s operational procedures. These indicators and procedures will support an integrated framework to measure reduced emissions within the forestry sector, embodied by the Sustainable Forestry Information System Suriname (SFISS). Instruments will be created to promote and measure compliance with Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) guidelines.
  3. Develop training materials and provide training to support transfer of knowledge to field technicians from the SBB, the private sector and forest based communities. Coach and provide field trainings for field technicians in relevant procedures, linked to NFMS/ SFISS.
  4. Contribute to the ground truthing work to be done within the SLMS for the monitoring of deforestation, forest degradation and the drivers for deforestation and forest degradation.
  5. Contribute to the development of knowledge products on NFMS and FREL/FRL, specifically related to field data collection.
  6. Keep knowledge on new technologies up-to-date by contributing to research projects, publications, etc.
  7. Engage in the dialogue with relevant stakeholders on the establishment of participatory monitoring frameworks. Support the development and implementation of participatory monitoring activities.
  8. Carry out activities supporting the overall implementation of the NFMS.




  1. BSc. degree in environmental sciences, forestry, natural resource management or other related field.
  2. Demonstrated understanding of REDD+, NFMS, FREL/FRL, MRV.
  3. Experience in implementing trainings and transmitting knowledge to field technicians and forest based communities.
  4. Experience with the planning, coordination and implementation of related field data collection campaigns, including logistics of field expeditions.
  5. Experience with developing methodologies for scientifically sound field data collection campaigns.
  6. Strong data analysis and reporting skills
  7. Demonstrated team leader skills.
  8. Proficiency in at least English, Dutch, Sranantongo.
  9. Strong affinity with the forestry sector.
  10. Excellent writing, reporting and presenting skills.


Organizational and Financial Arrangements

The NFMS field coordinator will work on a full time basis within the NFMS Unit hosted by the Foundation for Forest Management and Production Control (SBB) and will technically report to the NFMS coordinator of SBB. The NFMS Unit is positioned in the office of the SBB.


The NFMS field coordinator will be paid a monthly fee. These payments will be administered following a monthly report approved by SBB and NIMOS.


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